Look away to find your best work

Written by: Michael Mark creative director/ceo on Creating a grow! culture and grow! ideas.

Hard as you try, sometimes you can’t get a good idea.

Deadlines acartoon%20eyesre fire-breathing dragons and as they approach two things happen: you work harder at it, struggle, and you tighten up. Sometimes the harder work gets you there. Lots of times the fear ignites an idea; other times only a case of the hives.

You can’t always hunt down a grow! idea.

You can’t demand a solution of immense focus and power appear.

And yet that’s what you’re paid for. So when you’ve tried everything else, here’s another way.

Let the idea come to you.

You have to trick the idea out of hiding in your subconscious.

This requires an act of trust.

Because to do your work you have to do other work.

Doesn’t matter what – as long as you do it with full purpose.

You can’t fake it. The idea won’t come if you are looking for it with even a nano-tenth of your concentration. It will know, clever bugger.

You have to be totally committed to the excellence of this new act. It has to become your primary mission in order for your subconscious to relax enough to release the idea you were originally so desirous of.

Yeah, and all the while, the dragon’s breath begins to singe your last paycheck.

Trust isn’t worth much unless it’s challenged.

I find at these time it’s best to do something physical, something with movement, that has intricacies which demand focus. Keeps the dragons out of mind. 

For me, it’s gardening but it could be another assignment you have, golf, walking, praying, dancing, cooking, sex, house cleaning. (Convincing your boss you’re working at these times is another problem but if you come back with great work she’ll understand.)

Again, you gotta do this with the same energy as you applied earlier to getting that idea.

You have to trick yourself into forgetting you are looking for the idea.

Your subconscious will be all over that. You have to know that when the idea presents itself you will be there to admire it, cajole it over and nail the sucker.

In truth, the idea was always right there. You just couldn’t see it.

By looking away I have found it will become obvious.

And the dragon –– well it’s not so scary any more.

2 Responses to Look away to find your best work

  1. healingartforms says:

    Spontaneous Inspired Action!

    Works every time and for everyone, we just work to hard to MAKE it happen!

    Stop working on it and just let it come, it does each and every time!

    Many Blessings
    Nicole Lanning

  2. I love this post. As a copywriter and creative assistant, my favorite part of the job is dreaming up the “it” factor that will make or break a campaign/tag line/brand. But forcing ideas will only lead to disaster. It really is important to shut down and recoup every once in a while and that’s when the best ideas come!

    Thanks for the insight.

    Katy Harrison

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