Know thy consumer

By Gene Paek, Director of Interactive @NYCA 

Words to live by when utilizing CRM.  Bigger issue is that CRM to many brands today means just collecting names. Biggest issue, however, is that many brands today don’t realize how to know their consumer—or just as important—their potential consumer.

I am a coffee consumer. And I mean a consumer. From four cups of coffee a day (now down to two cups a day) I am still statistically above average in my coffee consumption on a daily basis. McDonald’s recently launched a $100 million campaign to support its McCafe specialty drinks with a strategy to be an everywhere-you-look, invade your dreams approach.  I’ve looked everywhere and thought about where I’ve looked everywhere and the only recall I have for a McCafe drink is at the POP.   mccafe

From a target demo perspective, I am a prime prospect: within the 25-54 target demo, have 2+ kids, drink coffee on a daily basis, and get my daily intake from Starbucks. So consistent that Xan and Jason (Starbucks employees) know my drink of choice (tall coffee, 2 shots of hazelnut, room for cream). 

I am an avid TV viewer, listen to the radio and pay attention to at least 10 billboards on my commute. Avid magazine reader, constantly on the web and active in social media destinations. You would think that I would at least recall or be targeted to try a McCafe specialty drink?

The point I’m trying to make has nothing to do with creative or messaging strategy. More to do with targeting. Spending $100 million to be “everywhere-you-look” could have been better spent by using the budget to be an “every-time-I-want-coffee” strategy.  And the only way to know that is to understand the habits of your target consumer to deliver them the right message at the right time. And the only way to know that is to know thy consumer. If you’re a brand manager, know who your consumers are and let them know you know who they are.

I’ve been eating at McDonalds for 32 years now. And they have no idea who I am. 

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