Questions on transparency.

By Michael Mark, creative director/ceo @NYCA

Will the combination of technology’s insatiable hunger and human beings’ relentless curiosity take away our individual privacy?

 Picture1Could it be replaced with freedom?

Will the constant spotlight on all companies and governments and people reveal the inherent goodness in mankind?

Will it cause us to behave better because we live in view of our neighbors and around the world?

Does it even matter whether it’s due to the desire to do right or the shame of being caught doing wrong?

Will it be liberating to be so deeply scrutinized because we will be seen for who we really are and we will see others for who they are?


Once we realize that regardless of our airbrushed wishes, we all have warts and scars, will we finally accept ourselves in the reflection of the multiplying screens seen everywhere?

In exposing our differences maybe they will not be feared but embraced, even cherished?

Will technology’s capacity to remember everything forever slow our ability to forgive?

Will the ability to have all questions answered so easily free us to invent in the open and to devalue secrets even in the competitive market?

Transparency breeds knowledge but will its greatest offering be to breed understanding?

Perhaps trust? 

And then peace?

We shall see, won’t we?

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