Building Brands through Social Networking: Part 2

By Kevin Breid, Business Management and Development Intern @NYCA 

A Facebook Fan Page allows a brand to reach out to consumers in a spirit of democracy.  Fan Pages are also created so individuals can utilize brands as brand-marks of their personality, associating themselves with companies that represent who they are. This allows consumers the chance to return the favor by proudly displaying their allegiance to a brand on their personal Facebook profile. 

There seems to be three essential components that are necessary to create a Fan Page that will effectively increase brand awareness and consideration: Networking, Content and Participation.  Here are a few examples of companies that are utilizing these avenues of promotion to their advantage.

Starbucks and iTunes on Networking:

An essential element in building a Facebook fan base is networking between platforms.  This means opening doors between sites that encourage users to explore all that you have to offer.  On Starbucks’ home page you will find links that take you directly to their Facebook page, Twitter account, or Youtube channel.  Creating pathways between sites directs users who otherwise may not have searched out your other pages on their own.


Conversely, iTunes is allowing Facebook users to search the iTunes database directly from their Facebook Fan Page.  Once you find the music or movie that you are looking for, they give you the option to share it with your Facebook friends.  You can also click “buy” which will direct you straight to the iTunes store to purchase and download.  Essentially,  iTunes has turned Facebook into on online store.


 Pringles on Content:

This is a paramount factor if a brand is hoping to keep users checking back to their fan page on a regular basis.  If there is updated, interesting, and even entertaining content, your page is more likely to generate consistent views.  This will also encourage new fans through word-of-mouth.  Pringles is doing an excellent job of exemplifying this concept.  Their page is constantly up to date with new videos.   Following the viral trends of Youtube, Pringles is using comedy to promote their brand over the web.  Check out this recent post:


Coca Cola on Participation:

The Coca Cola Fan Page has become somewhat of a legend among Facebook pages.  It was originally created by two genuine Coca Cola fans who were not actually affiliated with the company.  When the page caught on, the company decided to endorse it and make it official.  What’s unique about this page is that, even though it’s mediated by Coca Cola, it’s primarily driven by user generated content.  You can upload your own videos, and share your funny or sentimental moments.   



The future of social media networking and advertising is one with a broad and promising horizon.  It’s filled with opportunity and the freedom to be unique and creative according to your brand’s personality and goals.  And if these successful precedents are an accurate forecast of what is to come, you can be certain that Networking, Content, and Participation will be three necessary pillars to build from.

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