Unconventional thinking

By Michael Mark, creative director/ceo @NYCA

No place for conventional thinking. 

Thump thump humm drumm goes the ceaseless unconscious pounding of conventional thinking. It’s easy to fall in lock step if you are surrounded by it, sameness is a hypnotic narcotic.  the-brain

That senseless sound and what it un-produces drove us to open NYCA in Encinitas.

For those millions who never heard of this quiet hamlet, Encinitas geographically sits somewhere between. Between Mexico and LA.  Between the Pacific Ocean and the city. Psychographically Encinitas has NYCA rooted smack between our clients and their customers.

Industries tend to congregate and behave like each other. The restaurants in Little Italy get their cheese from the same distributors. The financial district’s investment firms have the same methods, buy low sell high (yeah, right). The car dealerships are all in a row with their balloons and tactics. Same goes for ad agencies, hey balloons are cool.  

In Encinitas we are far enough from “Madison Avenue” mindset and the tired traditions of marketing to have our own perspective and so unencumbered we move with greater accuracy and at the speed of the customer not the industry, fueled by originality.

We even get paid differently.

Out here even by the roar of the ocean waves we can better hear our client’s unique voices, their customer’s needs and discover the most efficient ways to bridge the two. We aren’t about the latest we are about the most effective, the most, ok, now here’s an exciting word: relevant solutions.

Artists who develop their true original voice find larger audiences, by-stepping trends to become mainstays. Picasso, Bob Dylan, Beckett. The same is true of a brand’s voice. If it is authentic then it will remain relevant, vibrant and the customers will gather ‘round wherever they roam.

Our agency doesn’t have a voice itself. Another loud difference. We act as intermediaries, mid-wives if you will, to help find the brand’s identity, cultivate it and express it so well that it brings the customer closer. Once intimate enough to engage we have tools to encourage the customer to buy, that’s right, put the cash down! And that’s the time you will hear NYCAers’ voices rising – hollering at the sales data.

We’re blue collar that way.

You can sell better in Encinitas. When you’re right on Main Street it’s easier to be with the customer than on the 31st floor.

So not going to work the same way other agencies do we end up not working the same way either.

As Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve the problem by using the same level of consciousness that created the problem.”

Being out here we keep an active relationship with innovation, with seminars and speakers brought in, what we call mixology. We find it’s actually easier to lead when you’re not looking over your shoulder at your competition.

Now the question is if we’ll continue to attract the right clients off the beaten path. The ones that have have ventured over have grown – every one of them.

We have certainly attracted remarkable deeply experienced senior talent from all over the country.

In the end the TA-DA is..ya ready..is that we work so closely with our clients that there is no TA-DA. To the consumer, yes, to them maybe we get a gasp of comfort in a disquieting industry is all.

We are so in-sync that while we take leaps with our work there’s no “How did you get there?”

We have been that close in the process. Another difference and maybe the biggest and best one.

You want drama – raise a teenager.

So that’s what happening in Encinitas – coming up with business-building grow ideas by the beach.

One after another. Again and again. Over and over.

Like that thump thump hummm drummm but far and away different.

2 Responses to Unconventional thinking

  1. As Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve the problem by using the same level of consciousness that created the problem.”

    this quote has the music business written all over it!!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks Niels – Albert and SurfDog sign to their own tune and we’re better for it.

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