Single Tasking

By Michael Mark, creative director/ceo @NYCA

To be completely focused and dedicate your energies totally to one endeavor is connecting with the task, the moment, life, yourself.

And it is a good way to live and work efficiently. 

I am finding it challenging and counter to what I believed and have been trained to do, which is more things at one time to accomplish more.  

single taskingI have texted, talked, driven, thought, eaten, dreamed, worked at the same time. And did none of them to the fullest, I am sure, while jeopardizing so much and so many.   

Juggling is part of my job, I thought: assignments, communications, writing, managing, clients, family, G-d, money. I figured I was doing well by feeding as many as I could at once – though each was starving. I was starving. 

The unity and wholeness in a single act is so rewarding both spiritually and physically, and intellectually refreshing we should do it just for the self nourishment but I am discovering it is also more productive. When we try to cram more into less time, we are cheating ourselves out of time. That seems counter to the intention.

And not only is the single-minded process much healthier and more productive, but the outcome  is so much better. 

One person, one act, one breath at a time. 

We move from how many things we got done to how much we got done. 

And I maintain the quantity is higher when focusing our superhuman powers on one activity. 

In subtraction, I find that doing one thing commands all my attention to fulfill the promise of the task.  

If you think it’s easy doing one thing completely at a time, try it and let me know.

Tell me after you’re done trying, not during.   

I will read it while doing nothing else. I hope that will feel good to you – it’s rare these days to receive one’s full attention. 

I guess that’s doing two things at one time in a way. Told you it’s challenging.

3 Responses to Single Tasking

  1. Kelly Abbott says:

    I prefer not to write when others have done so better. Listening is a lost art, true. Thanks, again, Michael for inspiring.

    The single most important piece of self-expression is the link. Push or pull. Meditate or create. Decide. Do. Measure. Re-think. This is the stuff. But by all means, don’t isolate yourself too long. Share. Become more. In NYCA parlance, grow.

    A single good thing among many? Try this from the less-is-more files:

    TTFN from the wasteland,

  2. Michael says:


    Do and Be – that’s the magic combo. And surely you are right on with listening. Not to worry, I’ve no intention of isolating or retreating but diving deeper to engage and absorb and squeeze out more – just wanting to do so one moment at a time, so I experience and share it all.
    Keep up the great success at 3ones K!


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