The trouble with co-workers.

By Michelle Edelman, President @ NYCA

Michael Mark & Lynne Roswall

It is said that when people share a lot of time and a small space with one another, their rhythms start to match. This phenomenon was beautifully illustrated by my colleagues Michael and Lynne, who had sweated out the weekend for one of our clients under NYCA’s roof, and today dressed identically. I don’t just mean they both wore jeans today. I mean they were uniform.

-Black sweater with white undershirt

-Jeans faded to the exact shade

-Black shoes

-Black rimmed glasses

You might think maybe we just all need a good long weekend. But actually these physical manifestations emerge from our grow! team system. Our teams are geared to need each other. Other agencies say “a great idea can come from anywhere,” but that statement is actually built into our process here. If emotional twinning is the end result, I suppose we will just have to live through some monochromatic meetings. Because we love it this way.

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