Does keeping up just keep us on the surface?

By Michael Mark, Creative Director/CEO @ NYCA

Excuse me, I just gotta check my email, phone, laptop, Facebook, Twitter, blogs…

It’s the constant stimulation, the news, the new news, the newest news, news before it’s news.

I wonder if the constant updates offer more data, more links, but in its completeness doesn’t allow time or room for much reflection?

It seems to be an issue of time and attention and intention. Like fast food compared to a more complete dinner. (Full disclosure: I love fast food and its bright, plastic, optimistic, transitory environs. I take my work there and spend hours, mindlessly munching, not remembering.)

A couple of questions: How much time would you allot to read a traditional newspaper article? Would that change if the same article was online? Same question for a news post?

How long do you think you remember an article you read in Time Magazine compared to a post you read on

Varying lengths and issues of the articles aside, my guess is the quicker the read, the less invested in time and intellectual capital, the less retained. And that the posts, even comments and tweets keep us up to speed with what’s going on but not deeply.

Informed but not.

Quick chats with friends are essential for the relationship, just as the fast info-sharing is critical to keep us in touch with the present.

But let’s not forget the rewards of deep, long, meandering conversations.

The ones that keep you full and you remember for a lifetime.

4 Responses to Does keeping up just keep us on the surface?

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  2. Susan Jensen says:

    The last two sentences say it all.

  3. ocred99 says:

    glimmer of wistfulness. you’re right michael.

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