3 steps to 6 times the results.

By Dan Henry, Senior Business Manager @ NYCA

Advertising Age recently reported that clickthrough rates from ads on the iPad are between 0.9% and 1.5%, which is 6X the benchmark for click-to-expand ads on the web. Think about that. Six times the results.

Here’s what came to my mind as I read – will these help your business grow?

  1. Demand a higher level of relevancy. Not only the message should be relevant. Not just the message and the medium together should be relevant. The message, the medium, and how that message interacts with the content it lives with should be relevant. Then your not just asking for something from your consumer, you’re also offering them something. A better experience. Consumers reward brands that provide a better experience. The iPad isn’t the only way to do this, but the consumer reaction and business results at this stage seem to be saying there are benefits of delivering a higher level of relevancy.
  2. Don’t ignore the importance of the execution. All these ads on the iPad have one thing in common. They are executed to the highest level.  Apple is making sure of it – to make sure the ads are in line with what their product is offering – an unsurpassed user experience.  It would be difficult to argue that the level of the creative executions isn’t one reason these ads are performing so well. Of course you want to invest in really smart ideas, but spending the right time and money on truly beautiful creative really does improve results. Apple is a perfect example of this – yes good ideas, but also flawless execution. Our digital age requires us to work faster and cheaper, but this doesn’t mean we sacrifice the details of the execution, it only means we have to work harder at it. We actually have to ‘sweat’ the details.
  3. Experiment. In AdAge’s article a Ford executive speaks of their investment in iPad ads as an experiment. I think it’s safe to say most marketers who are investing in iPad ads right now would say the same. Again, iPad isn’t the only way to experiment. Augmented reality is an experiment. 3-D is an experiment. And here’s one that did both – here and here.  I say experiment smartly, but experiment.

Some of you may be thinking, ‘yeah, but it costs double!’ However, what costs twice as much but gets me 6 times the results doesn’t really cost twice as much, does it? I wasn’t a math major, but am I not actually paying half what I would for the same results the old way?

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