You have to love it.

By Michael Mark, Creative Director/CEO @ NYCA

NYCAers celebrate our 8th Anniversary

At NYCA, we cried almost every day when we first started. We sat around the card tables and couches in my house, in our first office by the Chinese restaurant, and spoke of our dreams. We shared what NYCA would be, could be, what growing meant, and what we promised and wanted for each other, ourselves, our futures, our clients and our work.

In the beginning, it’s all lust. And if that fire recedes and reveals love, good – if it leaves anything else behind, it’s time to start over. Because love is what we are really after.

Whatever it is you do, you must find love for it or the mission will not be fulfilled. You will not be fulfilled. The letter you are writing, the house you are painting, your family members you are caring for, your career’s progress – all of it – you have to love your life or it will not be a good life. A surgeon doesn’t need to love the patient he’s cutting, but does need to love being a healer or the art of cutting or being admired for doing it brilliantly.

Love makes one compassionate and aware and holds us to our commitments. This is deeper than passion. We experience this every day when we walk through our grove of trees that we plant for our clients, to remind everyone at NYCA of our promises and to stand firm, always.

Love made me write the words in our Seeds book, the guiding principles we give to each NYCAer when they start. I tell them its okay to bleed over their work, but not hemorrhage. We need these good people to care deeply but have priorities as they dive in.

I believe that love is key to our success. Not the quality of work, or the number on our staff, or the innovations, or the flexibility, or even the culture – as all are the external markings of the intention, all nurtured by the love.

6 Responses to You have to love it.

  1. efficientcom says:

    well said!

  2. David W. says:

    Well done Michael.

  3. Karissa says:

    Well put and CONGRATULATIONS! Keep growing with each other and remember to smile everyday.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Congrats and Well Said.. That is why I have loved working with everyone there for the past 8 Years as all NYCAers have those exact same feelings

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