Could we be Dinosaurs?

By Michael Mark, CEO/Creative Director @ NYCA

I am thinking of changing the agency name to Dinosaur. It’s a sound business decision.

I think the name will be remembered, for one: Dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago and they still have great recognition. Two, dinosaurs are loved. How many agencies are loved? So it could help attract new biz. Crowds of people, to this day, go to museums to see them and take photos of themselves in their rib cages. And three, dinosaurs are cool. It’s important for agencies to be cool. And most critical, it’s true about us.

NYCA believes in the tried and true tradition of strategy: knowledge that breeds insights that empower targeted executions and win against stated goals. We are also unfashionably committed to relationships — virtual and otherwise — with our clients, our clients’ customers, each other. Much as we are in to metrics, Gabi’s got a graduate degree in applied mathematics, we’re an emotionally based company. Yep, I know, old school. We also confess we love ideas that grow businesses. Trends are nice but we are a bit geeky about the moment of impact – activation strategies are hot. Above all, integrity — a preacher’s word, a grandpa’s musty rocking chair word — is on our walls. This is New York, one of our conference rooms. Win a free NYCA grow! seed pack if you can guess the name of the other one before we have to change it.

And also — and I know this is totally uncool — we are way into relevance. Not a sexy word, relevance. You won’t likely see it on a sculpted bottle in the fragrance aisle. But we think it’s dramatic, sexy.

“Dinosaur” is a cool name, it’s edgy. I got a thumbs up from one of our developers when I pulled his headphones off and asked. To be honest, his snake hissed at it. Scaredy cat.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by NYCA, Inc. and Michael Mark, RSW US. RSW US said: I want the first t-shirt please (Lee) RT @NYCAgrow: Michael is thinking about changing the agency's name to "Dinosaur" […]

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