The Grow Cigar

By Michael Mark, CEO/Creative Director @ NYCA

You have to point, stare, examine, reflect and dance before an act of greatness. The impossible, the risky, the functional, the true. Greatness sticks its hands down your throat and snatches the breath out of your lungs, tickles your toes, and encourages you to be great yourself. Sometimes it reaches out beyond the boundaries of reason, sometimes it merely sees what is so obvious it’s bewildering to think that this had been completely overlooked. The grow cigar celebrates the births of those straight, squiggly, brave new paths in 100% pure milk chocolate and sweet admiration.

At NYCA, we have serious issues with award shows. Our win comes when we achieve our goals in the marketplace for our clients. However we do honor acts of greatness within our company with something much sweeter than a gold plated statuette. You are invited to come by and meet the remarkable over achievers. Please excuse them if they have chocolate smudges on their faces.

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