By Christine Lenz, Traffic Manager @ NYCA

There’s a growing trend here at NYCA and it has nothing to do with QR codes. NYCAers show up to work dressed alike. I don’t mean little similarities here and there… I’m talkin’ full on TWINS.

It seems to be happening more often lately. Is it something in our water tank? Did they wake up on the same side of the bed? Did they send each other a text or email to coordinate? Are our style moons perfectly aligned? Does our intimate office environment influence their clothing selection?

The best part of this twins trend is the discovery moment. Sometimes the two people see each other, acknowledge the mirror-like resemblance with an open mouth/dropped jaw look on their face, analyze up and down and then celebrate the serendipitous occasion with some sort of enthusiastic outburst, or look away and smile embarrassingly. I’ve noticed it sets a nice tone for the day. Some companies have to go to corporate team building workshops… all we have to do is show up!

Let us know what you think of our recent twinning mystery…

2 Responses to Twins!

  1. ocred99 says:

    Chrissy – great post. You’re right, we don’t a workshop (though our recent brainstorming one was great) – just each other’s zany shared style.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by NYCA, Inc., Stu Haack. Stu Haack said: Totally! It's uncanny RT @nycagrow Ever come to work and realize you're wearing the same thing as your coworker? We have! […]

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