Be Real. Be Transparent. Unmask Yourself.

April 5, 2010

By Gabrielle Windsor, Director of Digital Strategy @ NYCA

Photo Cred: hiway7

Black and white. Transparency is important. Straight up honesty is the best policy. All descriptions of how my brain often sees things. I’m not the only one – the FCC has recently ruled that bloggers must expose their affiliations or relationships with brands. This is something the Word of Mouth Marketing Association ( has been advocating for years. Something I completely agree with.

No charlatans, no posers, no freaking liars. Don’t talk to me about ‘seeding’ message boards. Please. In honor and reverence I’ve cooked up a meme AKA #hashtag to quickly and easily indicate if communications and/or sharing are related to a brand that I’m somehow working with: #rep. Short and sweet, the hashtag #rep should be easy to remember – “Hey! I’m a representative of this brand in some capacity and wanted to be straight up about it.”  So, let’s all ‘represent’ and spread the word. #rep. #word.