False idol.

April 7, 2010

By Michael Mark, Creative Director/CEO @ NYCA

Shot like he’s Jesus.

Emotionally stripped, revealing nothing.

Accusatory visage, deflecting introspection.

Words from the father from another world.

Just false.

Build it smart enough for your customers at their dumbest.

March 15, 2010

By Michael Mark, Creative Director/CEO @ NYCA

When we go too fast, our attention is taxed and our IQ drops. Happens in the car, when we talk, when we eat, when we shop.

As marketers, we spend a great deal of time learning about customers and their lives. But do we create work to serve their mindset at the buying moment, when they’re overwhelmed, distracted, mindless?

So if we want them to buy from us, we must make it easy on them, even stupid easy. We need to make our engagement pieces easier to act on in all mediums and at fast-fast motion. The speed bump is creativity’s arrogance.

Too often I used to hear that the execution is super cool, it’s sophisticated, innovative, subtle, cutting edge. That the customer will be intrigued and, yes, although it will challenge them, the customer will figure it out.

No, they won’t. They came to shop, not to pass an SAT test. They’ll move on to the next site.

So resist the ornamental and build the navigation so it’s as intuitive as if they came up with it. Design the e-commerce site so it’s easy to buy immediately. One example: don’t require a sign-up/registration before allowing consumers to check out. You might lose a customer as they are handing you the cash – that’s a nightmare.

You want drama? Make the media drivers and the content captivating. Customers might slow down for that.

We think that’s creative – the kind that creates customers.

Capturing Emotion: A Lesson from Consumers

July 27, 2009

By Chris Cruz, Online Producer @ nyca.com

As marketers, we are always looking to capture emotion with the products we represent. We look to create copy, imagery, tell stories that strike an emotional chord that will not only differentiate our clients’ brands, but elevate them above all others. 

A continuing challenge is trying to retain the essence of a moment – it’s so easy to lose. By trying to market, we can lose the feeling that makes a moment special. By trying we are doing just that: trying, and not being.  

But when consumers share content with each other, they have authenticity on their side from the get-go. Consumers involving a brand in their social content are truly passionate and posses a genuineness that marketers covet. This type of messaging isn’t one that is told from “expert” (who are compensated in some way by the brand) to consumer, but from real advocates. It’s in this type of interaction that endorsement can be unbiased and therefore retain deeper emotional context. 

If you haven’t yet seen Jill and Kevin’s wedding entrance on YouTube, don’t miss it.


In the past week over 8.5 million people experienced and shared, the fun, the joy, the creative nerve and most importantly the love that took place during the “Best Wedding Entrance Ever”, all set to Chris Brown’s Forever. 

Despite the fact that Chris Brown has had some terrible press lately, and the fact that this song hasn’t been in the top 10 since shortly after its release over a year ago, one week after the posting of Jill and Kevin’s Wedding entrance, the song rocketed back up to one of the top 5 downloads on iTunes this past weekend. Not coincidental. Jill and Kevin sold that music. 

Personally, Forever isn’t a song I would have been interested in – but this weekend, I downloaded it. The song puts a smile on my face – Jill and Kevin changed my experience with this song, and that of 8.5 million others too. That’s brand building, folks.