Just because you’re old and a leader don’t make you Moses

March 5, 2009
From Michael Mark, Creative Director/CEO at NYCA

I make more mistakes than anyone at NYCA. Probably why I wrote in the “Seeds” booklet that it’s not only okay but it’s mandatory to make Big mistakes. I figured that was a liberating sentiment, show I wasn’t a tyrant and it would double as my oft-needed loophole.

Well, that was another mistake.

“Seeds,” I should tell you, is a booklet I wrote, which each employee gets when they seedsbook_01become an official NYCAer. It’s 64 tidbits on how to excel, how to grow! Common sense like “spend the clients’ money as if it were your own” and ‘Do as you say, integrity is better than pie.” (We do like our pie at NYCA). Short, pithy – nothing heavy, based on the Ten Commandments but with a bit of contemporary sass. The mistake-oriented one went like this:

“Fail every day. Make mistakes. Big ones. Just learn from each one. If you didn’t make a mistake today, you either didn’t recognize it or you didn’t try something new. Better luck at failing tomorrow.”

Catchy, I thought.

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