Love what you sell

October 19, 2009

by Michelle Edelman, President  @

NYCA is absolutely abuzz right now with work. For new clients and old, and a slew of new prospects. Not surprising, the best work in the agency is for products that are easy to believe in.

Why do people believe in brands or products? Market leadership, killer features, fresh consumer insights, inspiring design – I’m sure you can think of more. These are the reasons NYCAers get excited about their clients as well. But there’s something else within our walls too. 

Not all brands are the market leader. Not all products are best of breed. Sometimes the reasons consumers should care about a product is not obvious. Sometimes the communications themselves are what make a brand great. 

heartforblogThe truth of NYCA is that we don’t just sell what we love. We love what we sell. Our own quest to find passion within our assignments brings out new reasons for consumers to buy. We don’t stop till we find that property of value – that thing that’s worth a consumers time and attention – proving our clients’ products are worth the money spent – that’s what pushes us harder.

In that way, we’re more like part of the sales force. We know that every minute, we have to earn the consumer’s dollar. We know that each sale is earned and not to be taken for granted. Metrics tell us that a current customer is up to 8 times easier to sell than a new customer. We approach our thinking believing everyone’s a tough sell. And that’s why it helps to love what we sell. There’s a “never let up” mentality to our work – and that’s a key ingredient in why we have grown every one of our clients.