Relevance is cool.

June 16, 2009

By Michael Mark, creative director/CEO @NYCA 

What is the future of advertising? Selling stuff.  Yeah, still. How: Relevance. Not fancy self promoting cloudlike techno-marcom-digital-social-speak. Delivery systems will relentlessly evolve, but the only thing that will ever get to and hold the consumer’s heart and credit card is dramatic relevance. Only through relevance in product, messaging and media context will advertising do its good work – and it’s not enough to engage only, or to educate, or to tickle a remembered laugh out of them. You have to sell. Selling takes empathy and trust, and you can’t get there if you are not taking the superhighway of relevance. Now, you might say, relevance isn’t sexy. There’s no award show category for relevance. Relevance is not the first one asked to the marketing dance floor, sadly overlooked in search of the new hot trend. But relevance touches you deeply. Your mom is relevant. Your home is relevant.  iphone The iPhone has apps that people want, like a counter that tells them how many calories they are ingesting. If you’re a dieter, that’s so relevant. That’s why it’s selling so well.  Wal-Mart is cheaper and has lots of stuff in one place so you can check off your list all in one stop without wasting gas or time. That is so relevant. That’s why people are shopping there now who weren’t before when luxury cool was “in.” But what’s “in” now is relevance.  Take relevance for a spin. Be brave. Drop the attitude, walk over and just ask.  Selling is the new cool.