The world needs a jingle.

October 5, 2009

By Michael Mark, creative director/ceo @nyca 

Something happy and simple – catchy and upbeat. One that drives you crazy ‘cause it stays in your step after you’ve put your tired feet up.

condor_pasa_sheet_musicThe world needs hope in the face of reality, and jingles are sweet and sticky and mindless enough to melt the rigid walls of this moment to let us see possibility. Because on the outside they are silly, sunny and self-admittedly stupid. But beneath the sugar coating — if it’s a good, hard-working jingle — is a targeted selling message that plays again and again in your inner buyer’s ear. And the frequency mixes with the beat and makes you move, tickles your wiggle, the whimsy gives you a shimmy in the direction that it strategically intended. It controls you. 

It’s not sneaky as much as it is cajoling. And who here, after being bombarded by the blogs, searching the job sites, chatting with friends, listening to the radio, watching their 401k disappear, couldn’t use a peppy bit of cajoling? 

The economy needs a three trillion dollar stimulus package and the world needs a 90 second ditty. 

Oh, I know it’s not cool to do jingles in advertising any more – but cool won’t get us out of this. We need a syrupy, incessant hook to get our entrepreneurial juices going. And while we’re at it – gimme some cowbell. 

Let the music mavens begin. Let the chirpy voices rise. Let the grade school rhyme schemes be heard and winced to. 

And let iTunes make it a free download to pick us all up.