Donald Trump Changed Everything

May 13, 2009

By: Michelle Edelman, President @NYCA

 Yesterday, Carrie Prejean retained her Ms. California title.

It was in question because she spoke her mind on gay marriage. Her title was also in question because she took some interesting lingerie photos and didn’t disclose her work to the committee. 

The Donald said those things don’t matter. Ms. USA doesn’t have to be a demure conformist who only tows vanilla opinions. And she doesn’t have to conform to some 50s notion of sexuality – she can join the digital age where everything you have ever done – dignified or not – can make it into the public domain.

In Brandweek this week, Nielson reported that 60% of moms agree that marketers ignore their needs. At the heart of this no doubt is a lack of understanding of the modern woman: someone with her own political opinions and a command over her own body, at minimum.

Thanks Donald.