Work is Life

By Michael Mark, CEO/Creative Director @ NYCA

I don’t mean your work is life.

I mean your work can have life.

If you imbue it with purpose.

If you charge it with an inspired idea that is relevant to the brand, the product, the consumer.

It is not enough to ask it to make one think, to be amazed, engaged.

You must ask it to do something.

You must ask it to make others do something.

It will show that it is alive by its ability to move an object.

A product off the shelves perhaps.

A consumer to share its contents.

An equity to tilt upwards.

If your work is just pretty or smart or merely novel you will have a flat-liner and no one will care.

In such a case you must reach into its innards and squeeze, press oxygen into with a bolt of activation.

Look to the moment of media connection. That’s where the transformation happens.

From theory and philosophy to good, honest work.

Advertising ideas are useless unless they are active.

They are born to persuade, sell, change behavior, create motion, create growth!

So make living things.

And one day you can sit back in the rocking chair and marvel at all your millions of offspring working away out there, making you so proud.

At NYCA, that’s our life’s work.

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